How many times in the last year, have you or someone you know, walked away from a store or restaurant and later said “I’ll never go there again”?  Have you ever had contact the utility, TV or Internet provider and before hand think “I WOULD DO ANYTHING TO NOT DEAL WITH THESE RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS”?

It’s easy just not returning to  a store or restaurant, after horrible customer service because your mind has decided “I can spend my money somewhere else”. That though doesn’t make up for the money already spent does it?

What about that utility or cable company? There is usually just one, utility company and two or three television providers in a designated radius,  they know without them you will have to live by candle light. How many times have you called for one issue or another and debated afterwards “Living by Candle light  isn’t that bad, if the Ingalls family could do it so can I”?

Then we have out cable, satellite  and internet companies, the major ones being Time Warner (Now Spectrum, new name same horrible service), Verizon, Comcast, Dish and Direct TV. They know you have one choice or another, if you don’t deal with them you will go without services. The “Money in the Bank” for them is realization, without these services, many people cannot make a living. This gives them NO REASON to treat customers any better than whatever mood the customer service rep in in that day.

Why can they get away with it? They know that, one of their competitors will piss someone else off and drive them away, so a few annoyed customers who cancel will be replaced.

Its not just, Restaurants, utility companies, TV and Internet providers who treat those who pay money for services like crap. It happens in emergency rooms, we see doctors and nurses talk to patients as if they are doing a favor, (Yet Making 6 figures a year).

On The Spot Consumer, is a group of fed up customers who have decided “Enough of This”. Since we need services from these certain providers, we need to purchase items from stores for day to day living, if those so called “Supervisors” or “Quality Control” personnel won’t improve standards we will show the Public whats going on.


We will document, record and share every negative experience across Social Media Timelines. We will encourage others to Share their experiences, explain how to make accurate complaints. Our Phones will record for YouTube uploads, our audio recordings uploaded onto our upcoming “On The Spot” phone app.

If companies willingly allow their employees to treat consumers in a less than respectful manner while adding to their profits. They will not mind us sharing those experiences with the public.

If they do then maybe it’s time to stop running business on “KISS MY ASS BOULEVARD”