lmlogo_editedWe all know how difficult insurance companies can be, ESPECIALLY when it comes time to  “Pay Out”, its a business yes and in any business there are those looking to take advantage. Those who have abused the insurance system, no matter what type be it health, home owners, accident or auto are who have driven up rates. They are also who, have made it difficult for those not trying to take advantage be compensated when needed”

Liberty Mutual goes ABOVE AND BEYOND, to make sure they don’t compensate their customers, in particular ones injured in an auto accident. It’s understandable that when a company is being sued or their customer is at fault, you look deeper into the situation and make sure the only thing being addressed is what took place during the accident. When its your own insurance company, that you have paid religiously the ides of them fighting every step of the way seems baffling. When such difficulties arise you begin to ask “Why did I bother to get insurance?”.

You purchased insurance because “It’s the law”, at least when it comes to motor vehicle insurance, all companies know this and have no issues with taking payment for a six month policy and you dropping them like “Poop in a Bag”. Why do they care so little? It’s because they know someone else will be over soon,someone who was unhappy with their previous insurance company. The revolving door will always keep the money coming in, at least until people decide to start riding horses again.

Liberty Mutual, you know the auto insurance provider (Not that they only offer auto but that’s today’s rant and they are today’s bulls-eye)  that uses the taglines. 

“Responsibility. What’s your policy?” and “Helping people live safer, more secure lives.”

The “Independent medical review” process used by Liberty Mutual to avoid paying out medical claims and having customers receive proper care has become borderline criminal.

In  2016 Liberty Mutual denied the claim of a woman in Ohio who was in an auto accident and suffered two broken legs and head trauma. The lady a four year Liberty Mutual insurance customer, never late with a payment was stopped at a red light when the drunk driver,ran through the light on the opposite side then directly into her head on.

Her injuries included not only two broken legs but head trauma, reoccurring migraines, loss of balance all backed up with medical documentation from six separate specialist.They also provided imaging of damage to the brain, grey matter concentration loss and a host of other lesser injuries.

A ten minute independent medical review by a Liberty Mutual paid doctor who had no access to other prior results over ruled the six specialist. This rule denied all benefits that were due to the injured party. They were forced to pay for all medications, doctor visits up front, with an inability to work in a matter of months her entire life savings was depleted. It would be weeks later she and her two children were homeless, while she suffered from effects from her injuries without being able to pay for medical treatment. The end result would be her children in foster care while she was homeless on the streets, eventually ending up on state assistance.

This was a woman who never missed a day of work in 17 years, her children both honor roll students, their life ruined all because Liberty Mutual wanted to save a few dollars. Yet they never once failed to accept payment on a monthly basis from this lady.

She is one of many, here what others have said about Liberty Mutual in the time of need for auto, workers comp and injury claims. All customers in GOOD STANDING at the time their injury took place.

Here are some facts about Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual was ranked the 10th-worst insurance company by the American Association for Justice after famously hiring consulting giant McKinseey & Co. and adopting the ever-popular “deny, delay, and defend” tactics. The company went even further by participating in what industry regulators allege is systematic bid-rigging.

There have been websites created by customers taken advantage of even after proof on injury and their not being at fault-http://libertymutualcomplaints.com/.

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Abandoning policyholders. The insurer has been accused of abandoning policyholders in states where it has received claims for hurricane damage such as Florida and Louisiana as well as in various New England states that border the coast

Even former Liberty Mutual Employees have come to light on the companies practices, in fact many quit the company because when trying to make a claim they were denied by fellow adjusters. A recent group of former and current Liberty Mutual employees responded with the following comments after being asked this question.

What Car Accident Settlement Offer Should I Expect From Liberty Mutual Insurance?

Having worked for Liberty Mutual in the late 2000 my answer back then would have been, “a fair one.” Liberty used to do a fairly good job evaluating claims, knowing the difference between a case that had significant value and generic soft tissue rear end impact cases.

Times have changed however– EXPECT Liberty Mutual to offer and only pay 40-60% below true jury value for legitimate cases and for chiropractic cases it is even worse.

When seeking compensation and going to court for legitimate medical bills to be paid Almost one in four plaintiffs lost against Liberty Mutual why?

The company would rather spend TENS OF THOUSANDS in court fees and attorneys to avoid paying $5000-$10,000 in medical bills. How do they get away with it? Liberty Mutual raises premiums for all clients who attempt to renew.

A Perfect example of how and when Liberty Mutual implores such practices-

Julie of Warren of MI could tell you in her complaint filed with the Better Business Bureau that was found by the BBB to be a legitimate complaint.

Been with Liberty Mutual for auto coverage for years. All good until you make a claim.
After someone hit me in the rear and took off the company increase my insurance.
When I called and inquired about their “Accident Forgiveness” they informed me that the TWENTY-FIVE DOLLAR
increase a month was not due to my accident but due to a increase for ALL insurance carriers.
Called AAA and asked if this statement was true to fact. NOT!!! The representative lied to me!
Before you sign with Liberty decide if you want a insurance company that false advertises “Accident Forgiveness” and lies
to clients as well. Also, before this accident my driving record was impeccable. No tickets, no accidents!

See for yourself what Rosenfeld Injury Law has to say about Liberty Mutual- https://www.rosenfeldinjurylawyers.com/liberty-mutual.html

One law-firm has created a whole department just to deal with Liberty Mutual and their ever increasing lawsuits from customers http://www.bhlawoffices.com/liberty-mutual-insurance-claims-and-settlements-a-car-accident-a.html

What about the Homeowners who have been fleeced by Liberty Mutual?


Credit Karma customers give Liberty Mutual a 1.4 out of 5 stars


What is your experience with Liberty Mutual? Was it bad or good? Who have you dealt with there who has made the experience unbearable? Let us know so we can spread their names and the experience across Social Media. IF they can give sub-par quality and make life difficult for those they make a living off, they should have no issues in proudly having their names and those experiences shared with everyone.