Were you getting your hopes up with the supposed “Big Changes” over at Time Warner Cable? The new name “Spectrum” was supposed to bring “NEW” practices, new prices, new higher quality customer service. WELL it did bring in some NEW, unfortunately the new consisted of “LIES”.

Has your bill suddenly increased by $30, $40 or even $50 dollars? Was the reason being “Your Promotion has ended”? You are not the ONLY one. Have you been lied to by supposed QUALITY customer service reps? As already stated you are not alone. Here are what others are saying about the NEW Spectrum service and TWC. You might recognize these same old shady practices.


Jennifer of Canastota, NY on Jan. 13, 2017

I recently downgraded my service with Time Warner Cable after a few years of being a customer because of rate increases. The representative explained to me that they bring customers in at a low cost and I could expect increases annually so they were unable to work with me on the price of my bundle that ended up costing me $189 a month double the original price that I signed up at. They improperly downgraded my account which is to say they didn’t at all. And I had to call back several times to get my account switch to Internet only. And my bill corrected, I’ve been working diligently to pay my past due amount and when I went to make a payment this morning the agent overcharged me but almost $425. He made me aware of his mistake and assured me that the payment did not go through; and took my card again for $160 which is what I had authorized in the first place.

Well guess what both of the charges came out. When I called the customer service line they could not find my account at Spectrum. They could not find my account at Time Warner Cable and I spent quite a long time trying to speak with someone. When I finally got a representative on the phone and ask to speak to a supervisor I had to insist in actually doing so. The supervisor wasn’t much help either. After being transferred and transferred and transferred he essentially told me that he hoped the charges would be reversed in a timely manner but really could make no difference except for sending an email for me. He suggested I contacted my bank to make sure my account was Secure. I did so. And the bank mentioned to me that this is an ongoing problem with their customers and Time Warner.

So at this point I have no idea how long it’s going to take to resolve the issue of the unauthorized charges that the representative placed on my personal account. They did Apologize but that does nothing towards me figuring out how I’m going to get groceries this week or cover the overdraft if they’ve created any. Not that they care. The icing on the cake is when I explained the poor customer service to the supervisor he actually implied that it was my fault because my bill was so high. Talk about insult upon injury. Worst customer service on the planet!
Sheila of Cincinnati, OH on Jan. 13, 2017

The service is fine but they have the worst customer service I have EVER experienced! If you want business class go to someone else! They change their rules to suit themselves and their response when you call them is very rude! They have rudest people working there. I thought I was only one but I’ve talked to others and they had the same problem. Just very unprofessional. I was extremely disappointed. As soon as I get another provider in my area I’m out of there!


Remember whenever speaking with a Customer Service Rep- As for their name, before making any agreements or payments always make sure you get the PROPOSED agreement in writing because once its paid everything after becomes “Your word versus Theirs” meaning at minimum you will be out of the money at least once.